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Budget Workbooks, Tools and Tax Estimates

2023 Budget Workbooks

Preparing the Budget - Documents Needed (.pdf)

Budget Checklist and Timeline (.pdf)

Budget Amendment Workbooks

Alcohol Tax Estimates for the 2023 Budgets (.pdf)

City and County Special Highway Fund Estimates for 2023 - Cities (.pdf)

City and County Special Highway Fund Estimates for 2023 - Counties (.pdf)

KSA 79-2988/Revenue Neutral Rate Resources

Audit Resources

Audit Filing Instructions

How to Locate an Auditor or Audit Firm (.docx)

Information for Your Auditor (July 2019) (.pdf)

Information for Your Auditor (July 2020) (.docx)

Information for Your Auditor (July 2021) (.docx)

Information for Your Auditor (July 2022) (.docx)

Budget Resources

Instructions for E-budget Submissions (.doc)

Budget Transfers - Counties (.docx)

Budget Transfers - Cities (.docx)

Budget Transfers - Townships (.docx)

Budget Transfers - Special Districts (.docx)

Non-Budgeted Funds - Counties (.docx)

Non-Budgeted Funds - Cities (.docx)

Non-Budgeted Funds - Townships (.docx)

Non-Budgeted Funds - Special Districts (.docx)

Checklist for Amending the Budget (.docx)

County Clerk's Checklist for Budgets (.docx)

Creating, Adopting, and Submitting Your Budget (.docx)


Calendar - City Clerks (.doc)

Calendar - County Clerks (.doc)

Calendar - County Treasurers (.doc)

Calendar - Redevelopment Districts (.docx)


Confirmation of State Payments

Confirmations - State Revolving Funds

Audit Filings

Municipal Audits

Budget Filings

Municipal Budgets

Frequently Asked Questions - Budget Law

10-Day Rule (.docx)

Amending the Budget (.docx)

Budget Hearing (.docx)

Copy and Paste Signed Certificate Page Into Budget (.docx)

Employee Benefits Fund (.docx)

Failure to Submit an Adopted Budget (.docx)

Fund Balances, Fund Creation, Fund Miscellaneous (.docx)

Libraries (.docx)

Mill Rate Higher Than Mill Rate Adopted (.docx)

Mill Rate Limits (.docx)

Non-Budgeted Funds (.docx)

Publication of the Proposed Budget (.docx)

Recreation Commission Budgets (.excel)

Signing the Budget Document (.docx)

Special Highway Fund-Gas Tax (.docx)

Statement of Indebtedness Form (.docx)

Submitting an Adopted Budget (.docx)

Townships (.docx)

Transfers (.docx)

Valuation to Use in Setting Levies (.docx)

Frequently Asked Questions - Audit Law

Auditing in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) (.docx)

KMAAG (.docx)

Statutory Audit Threshold (.docx)

Statutory Basis vs. GAAP Financial Statements (.docx)


Ad Valorem Levy Rates and Tax Payment Due Dates (.docx)

Cemetery Annual Report Form (excel)

Cemetery Annual Report Workbook (excel)

Township Annual Report Workbook (excel)

Township Annual Report Workbook (No Formulas) (excel)

County Treasurer and County Clerk Budget Forms (excel)

County Tax Levy Sheets

GAAP Waiver Procedures (.docx)

Information About CDARS (.docx)

Interest Rate on Utility Deposits (.docx)

Mileage Rates FY 202 (.docx)

Purchases Off of State Contracts (.docx)

Recreation Commission Budget Tracking Workbook (excel)

Township Disorganization - Guideline (.docx)

Vendor Payment Self-Service (.docx)


Audit and AUP Credit Card Authorization Form (.pdf)

2023 Budget Workshop Credit Card Authorization Form (.pdf)

Municipal Services Fee Schedule (.docx)

How to Compute the Value of One Mill (excel)

Target Budgeting Workbook (excel)

Outside Agency Resources

Kansas Association of Counties

Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Association

Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Property Valuation

Kansas Pooled Money Investment Board

Kansas Society of CPAs

League of Kansas Municipalities

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