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1099 Information

Do you have additional questions or need help regarding a 1099 form?  If so, please click the navigation button below to complete and submit a 1099 Information Request form.

1099 Information Request Form


If you have questions regarding sending copies of 1099's you issued to the state, you need to contact the Department of Revenue - Withholding Tax section at 785-368-8222.

Mail State copies of 1099’s to the following address:

Kansas Department of Revenue
PO Box 3506 
Topeka, KS 66625-3506

The Department of Administration, Office of Accounts and Reports is responsible for all 1099's issued under the state's general use FEIN 48-1124839. Some 1099's are issued directly by state agencies under their own unique FEIN or are issued directly using the general FEIN 48-1124839 and then the information is sent to the Department of Administration for submission to the Internal Revenue Service.


1099 Contact Information

Following is a list of the various 1099's issued by the State and the contact information for questions or inquiries.

1099's Issued for payments by the State of Kansas:
1099-MISC Lottery Winnings Kansas Lottery 785-296-5731
1099-MISC Unclaimed Property State Treasurer 785-296-4165
1099-MISC All other payments Dept. of Administration 785-368-8999
1099-G, Box 2 Tax Refunds Dept. of Revenue 785-368-8222
1099-G, Box 1 Unemployment Dept. of Labor 785-575-1460
1099-G, Box 6 Taxable Grants Dept. of Agriculture Division of Conservation 785-564-6619
1099-G, Box 6 All other payments Dept. of Administration 785-368-8999
1099-R Retirement KPERS In Topeka: 785-296-6166
Toll Free: 888-275-5737
1099-D Dividends State Treasurer 785-296-4165
1099-I Interest Dept. of Administration 785-368-8999
1099-S Sale of Land Dept. of Transportation
Right of Way


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