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Creating Accomplishment Statements

Step 1: Think of this as a story with a title.

Identify the Scenario. Some topics (titles) may include:

  • A task you performed alone.
  • A project you worked on as a team member/team leader.
  • A challenge you overcame in the job setting.
  • A problem you solved.
  • A goal you set.

Step 2:  Identify the action you performed to tell the story.

Use the skills you identified under the Analyze Your Skills section and the action verbs listed above.

  • Planned, organized and directed a 4 day training exercise. . .
  • Troubleshot, disassembled and repaired mobile over 300 pieces

communications equipment. . .

  • Recorded, documented and tracked daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Formed, created and lead special security force.

Step 3: Which resulted in:

End with a positive and measurable conclusion.

  • Which reduced accidents from 30% to fewer than 2% in two weeks.
  • Which enabled constant communication in 4 different states.
  • Which increased the training rate of employees by 45%.
  • Which provided search and recovery support for disaster victims.
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