Kansas Department of Administration

Office of Chief Counsel

1000 SW Jackson, Suite 500, Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: (785) 296-6003

The Office of Chief Counsel manages the legal affairs of the Department of Administration and serves as the chief legal advisor to the Secretary of Administration, Office Directors, and managers.  The Office of Chief Counsel is responsible for all legal work arising from the activities of the Department and provides legal advice and services in a wide variety of areas of law, including legislation, finance, constitutional, commercial transactions, employment, real estate, litigation, contracts, and administrative regulations.

The Office of Chief Counsel provides legal assistance to the Department of Administration and




The services provided to the Department of Administration by the Office of Chief Counsel include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Advise the Secretary of Administration, the Office of Personnel Services and Office Directors on personnel matters and labor relations issues.
  • Provide legal assistance to the Office Financial Management, the Office of Systems Management, and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer regarding accounts receivable set-off programs, payroll matters, and reimbursement issues.
  • Advise the Office of Facilities and Procurement Management regarding real estate, construction, and property management issues.
  • Advise procurement negotiation committees on procurement, negotiation, and contracting issues.
  • Review contracts and real estate leases for the procurement or rental of various goods and services used on behalf of the State of Kansas.
  • Provide assistance to the State Finance Council, and the Health Care Commission.
  • Assist in drafting legislative bills for the Department, including statutory amendments and new statutory authorization.
  • Assist Department personnel in reviewing and interpreting Constitutional law, statutory authority, and judicial rulings.
  • Assist Department personnel in developing and drafting policies and procedures for the benefit of the Department as well as the State of Kansas.
  • Represent the Department in litigation or other legal disputes in which the Department is a party.
  • Provide Continuing Legal Education seminars to State of Kansas attorneys twice each year.
  • Review and approve Kansas Administrative Regulations pursuant to K.S.A. 77-420. For more information, please consult Policy and Procedure Manual for the Filing of Kansas Administrative Regulations (Revised May 2022). For additional regulations information please contact the Regulations Editor.
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