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Total Compensation Statement

More Information About Your Total Compensation Statement

The State of Kansas, as your employer, prepares a Total Compensation Statement for each benefits eligible employee. The statement shows direct compensation paid to you and indirect compensation paid on your behalf.  The statement does not replace W-2 forms or other income tax related information and is not intended for use in tax preparation.

Listed below are some of the various types of pay and employer contributions that may be included in the amounts shown on the statement. The list does not include all of the possible types and is not specific to your personalized statement.



Regular Hours may include:
Regular Earnings, Retroactive Pay, Board Members Pay

Overtime Hours may include:
Overtime Earnings, Call Back Pay – Overtime, Overtime Differential Pay, OT Earns

Shift Differential may include:
Various Pay Shift options, Various Pay Differential options, Standby Hours, Call Back Premium

Bonus Pay may include:
Longevity Bonus, Suggestion Award, Innovation Award, IT Signing Bonus

Holidays may include:
Discretionary Day, Holiday Pay, Holiday Credit, Holiday Premium Pay

Vacation Leave Taken may include:
Vacation Leave, Vacation Leave Payout, Worker Compensation Vacation Leave

Sick Leave Taken may include:
Sick Leave, Worker Compensation Sick Leave

Other Leave Taken may include:
Funeral Leave, Military Duty, Shared Leave, Disaster Leave, Administrative Leave, Comp Time Taken, Daylight Saving Time, Leave Advancement

Other Pay may include:
Contractual Pay, Call Back Pay, Emergency Pay, Comp Time Payout, Pay Rate Adjustment



Benefits contributions may include:
Medical Insurance
Prescription Drug Insurance
Dental Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Accidental Death Benefits
Long-Term Disability

Tax contributions may include:
FICA (Medicare)
Worker Compensation Insurance
Unemployment Insurance

Retirement contributions may include:
KPERS Regular
KPERS Corrections Officers
KPERS Judges
KPERS Legislators
KPERS Police and Fire
Tax Sheltered Annuity

Please contact your agency human resources office if you have any questions concerning your statement.

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