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Sealed bid proposals will be received by the Office of Accounts and Reports until noon Thursday, December 15, 2022. The Request for Proposal responses will cover the following audit work:

Statewide audit package, which includes annual financial and uniform guidance audit services for the statewide single audit, annual financial audits for the Kansas Department of Transportation, and annual financial audits for State revolving Loan funds. This package also includes biennial examinations of the State Treasurer’s Office and the Pooled Money Investment Board. This package also includes audit work for the State Universities. The potential for additional services including State Treasurer’s Office Transition Audit, Bond Disclosure Review, Coronavirus Relief Fund, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or any new financial program audits as needed.  

All bids are to be submitted via email to Jennifer.efird@ks.gov


Request for Proposal 2023 Audit - Request for Proposal 2023 Audit

Required Bid Information Form - Required Bid Information Form

Questions will be received through November 29, 2022, and all questions and answers will be posted.

RFP Questions and Answers - RFP Questions and Answers FY23


Email all questions to Jennifer.efird@ks.gov


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