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Payroll Services Overview


The Payroll Services Section is responsible for the statewide payroll which pays 54,000 employees bi-weekly with an annual payroll totaling $2.03 billion. The section operates in a diversified and complex multi-agency environment with frequently changing conditions. Federal and state laws and legislation are constantly monitored in order to maintain the statewide payroll accounting systems (SHARP and REGENTS) in compliance with federal and state mandates. This includes interpreting mandates, determining system(s) impact, designing and recommending changes, then implementing policy, procedure, and system modifications. The operating environment for the SHARP system is web based using PeopleSoft HR/Payroll/Benefits/Time and Labor software. These responsibilities also include counseling, assisting and communicating with all levels of users of the statewide payroll accounting systems in the:

  • preparation, submission, processing of accounting documents in statewide accounting system (such as Time and Labor, reversals, and supplementals),
  • interpretation and application of rules, regulations, policies and procedures, federal and state law and GAAP compliance pertaining to statewide accounting systems, and
  • design, modification, recommendation and implementation of business best practices for accounting systems.


The Payroll Services Section is organized in two teams:

Systems Maintenance Team: This team is responsible for maintaining the statewide payroll accounting systems (SHARP and REGENTS) in accordance with rules, regulations, employment tax laws and industry standard business practices, and advising/communicating policies and procedures to users of the systems. The team serves as a liaison between payroll and data processing to ensure implementation of payroll system requirements and revisions; identifies need for system revisions, formulates system requests and recommendations and tests/approves changes made; analyzes post system implementation results; maintains system control tables; works with users to resolve system problems; and coordinates systems maintenance and development activities with customer services team.

The team is responsible for implementing 6+ tax updates per year and all system software upgrades. Programs include Employee Self-Service program for duplicate W-2's, electronic W-2 viewing, W-4 changes and On line Paycheck View, Analysis, development and implementation of the Payroll Policy and Procedure Program, Employment Tax Law and Multi-State Reporting Programs, SHARP Security Administration, Change Management, Ad Hoc Reporting, Internet Application Development, Data and Database Management, FLSA Payroll Calculation Compliance, and development and maintenance for the Time and Labor Interface, Voluntary and Mandatory Deduction, Earnings Programs, Direct Deposit Program, Regents Payroll Systems, and W-2 Programs

Payroll Processing Team: This team performs payroll processing duties including balancing and controlling earnings and deductions totals, calculating and preparing general ledger entries, inspecting automated system output such as registers and standard reports, determining and correcting out of balance conditions, preparing statistical reports for management, processing involuntary wage withholdings, W-2's and 1042's, and resolving suspended payroll accounting transactions in SMART.

Program responsibilities include SHARP payroll transaction applications, W-2 and 1042 (non-resident alien) reporting, Garnishments, Regents Payroll System interfaces, Direct Deposit program, Paycard Program, Employee Self-Service Duplicate W-2, W-4 changes, and On-line Paycheck and W-2 View programs, Payroll Accounting program, united way, organization dues, Wage Inquiry program, Earnings programs, Policy/Program Interpretation and Application, Payroll Calculation Application and Compliance. The team is responsible for all internal controls of the statewide payroll system which includes a $2.03 billion annual payroll issuing 1.4 million payments to employees annually and over $9.8 million annually through court orders.

In addition, the Payroll Services Section works closely with other areas/systems that are closely integrated with the SHARP Payroll System including the Central Responsibilities Team which maintains responsibility for the remittance of all voluntary and mandatory payroll withholdings and deductions and the SMART Finance Team. The SHARP payroll system directly integrates with the Statewide Management, Accounting, and Reporting Tool (SMART) PeopleSoft Financial Management Suite.

Payroll Statistics

  • 54,000 employees paid bi-weekly
  • $2.03 Billion annual payroll
  • $1.29 Billion annual deductions, taxes, and employer contribution remittances
  • $9.8 Million annual court ordered remittances
  • 250+ earnings, deductions and tax codes tracked
  • 72,000 W-2's issued annually
  • 800 1042's issued annually
  • 100% direct deposit participation
  • 1.4 million payments to employees annually


Contact Information


Sunni Zentner 
Manager, Statewide Payroll & Accounting

voice: (785) 296-7058

Heather Debusk
Asst. Mgr., Statewide Payroll & Accounting, Processing

voice: (785) 296-2434

Sarah Tongier
Asst. Mgr., Statewide Payroll & Accounting, Systems

voice: (785) 291-0556

Christina Cabello
Team Lead, Systems Maintenance Team

voice: (785) 296-2259


Briana Schneider
Team Lead, Payroll Processing Team

voice: (785) 296-2002


Additional contact information for Payroll Services Section personnel.

Payroll Services fax: (785) 291-3399

Main SHARP number - voice: (785) 368-8000

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