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Statewide Accounting Services and Systems

The Statewide Accounting team is responsible for the processing and systems maintenance of SMART and other statewide central business processes.  State agencies utilize modules within the SMART system to complete agency business responsibilities related to areas such as Accounting, Asset Management, Contracts, Purchasing, and Project and Grants.  The Statewide Accounting team is responsible for ensuring system compliance with federal and state laws and regulations as well as statewide policies, procedures, and internal controls.  In addition, the team is responsible for evaluation, testing, and maintenance of the system to ensure on-going support of the enterprise system and compliance with agency and statewide reporting requirements.  Within the Statewide Accounting team, the Central Responsibilities area is responsible for a variety of statewide activities that impact the SHARP and SMART systems.  In SMART, these functions include establishment of annual appropriations, maintenance of vendors, maintenance/error correction for funds and financial transactions and issuance of 1099s.  In addition, for SHARP, the team is responsible for the remittance of all statewide payroll Federal, State, and Local taxes, withholdings and voluntary deductions.

SMART - Statewide Management Accounting and Reporting Tool

'SMART' is the State of Kansas financial management system, which is used by State Agencies for transactional data and reporting purposes.  SMART has its own website, named 'SMART Web', which contains information and training materials pertaining to SMART.  The SMART Web website is curated and managed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Please find following a navigation button which you may click to navigate to the SMART Web website.


SMART Web - Website

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