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Internal Controls/Compliance


The Internal Controls Team within the Office of Accounts and Reports is responsible for the following:

Internal Control Framework and Policies

While the State has numerous accounting policies that incorporate internal controls, Kansas has not addressed internal controls in a holistic way. The Internal Controls Team has begun a multi-phase project to develop an internal control framework for Kansas based on the Federal GAO Green Book. That project will include development of standards for internal control in Kansas to meet Kansas specific requirements, drafting internal control policies, educating state agencies on the new standards, and eventually reviewing implementation efforts by agencies and monitoring compliance.

Process Reviews and Audits

The Internal Controls Team identifies areas of potential risk and conducts end-to-end process reviews to evaluate compliance with current policies and controls. The Team will assist in creating written process documentation if none exists and will make recommendations for tightening controls and improving efficiency. The written reports detailing the review procedures performed, findings, and recommendations are shared with the Chief Financial Officer as well as the affected parties and their management.

Book to Bank Reconciliation

With the cooperation of the State Treasurer’s Office and various State agencies, the Internal Controls Team reconciles the State’s total general ledger (book) cash to the State Treasurer’s Office (bank) cash and investment balances each month.  The Team follows up on any correcting entries needed to resolve the identified reconciling items.

Data Analysis, Reporting, and Account Reconciliation

The Internal Controls Team responds to certain requests for financial data from internal and external customers, analyzes and reconciles specific account balances, and provides data extracts, queries and reports.


Internal Controls Framework for Kansas

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