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Email, Phone, Connectivity


Setup New, Additional Access, or Suspend/Delete for Dept. of Administration employee:

Email Problems?  Submit a ticket, call, or Email EBITs for the 'OITS - End User Support Service' assignment group.

Report a Suspicious Email: How to Report a Suspicious Email or  Report a Security Incident


  • Expecting an email and you cannot find it in your Inbox?  Look in your Junk or Spam folder. Then right click the message and click Not Junk.

  • Mark an email as Junk or Phishing by highlighting the message and right clicking and choosing Junk.


Setup New or Problems with Dept. of Administration Phone?

Need a Headset? See the Computer - Accessories section.


  • Make an internal state phone system call: Dial the last 5 digits of the phone number. (Ex: 296-5555 could be dialed as 6-5555)

  • Make an external local call: Dial 9 + Area Code + Phone Number

  • Make a long distance call: Dial 1 + Area  Code + Phone Number


  • Need access or can't log into your computer (Network password)?

    • Call 785-296-4999 to have your password reset.

  • Need access or can't access the internet on your computer?

  • Need access or can't access a network file drive or OneDrive?

  • Working remote and need a VPN connection or having issues with VPN?

  • Need access or can't access CoreFTP or other SFTP product?



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