Kansas Department of Administration

DofA Budgeting


The Budget section serves as the central budgeting office for the Department.  The section coordinates the development and submission of the Department’s budget providing an agency wide perspective on policy, revenue, and expenditure issues.  The section is involved in the development of the various rates charged to other state agencies for internal services.  These rates are forecast for future years and used in budget development by all agencies.  The section provides assistance with budget management and analysis and develops expenditure and revenue reports for the other offices within the Department.   The section also develops cash flow reports for internal service and special revenue funds.  It budgets monies for debt service and then coordinates and ensures the payment of that debt service on the numerous bonds that have been issued through the Department for state purposes. It is responsible for developing the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan for state agencies that receive federal monies through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.





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