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State Revolving Fund

The Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund provide financial assistance to Kansas municipalities in the form of loans for the construction of publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities and public water supply system infrastructure. The Funds are comprised of federal capitalization grants, proceeds of revenue bonds issued to provide required state-matching monies, proceeds of revenue bonds issued to leverage the programs, and recycled moneys.

The Office of Accounts and Reports provides accounting services for the State Revolving Fund.  As part of this service, information on all loans is provided to auditors annually to assist in their audits of loan participants. To access this information, please click here.  For additional accounting information, please contact:

Kerry Lyons
SRF Accounting, Team Lead
(785) 296-8029

Belinda Baber
SRF Accounting
(785) 296-0595

For additional information on the SRF programs, including contact information for potential loan participants, please visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s website:

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