Kansas Department of Administration

Committee Members

Kansas Criminal Justice Information System - Committee (KCJIS-C)

Image of the Committee Member Hierarchy with the Director above the Committee and the member agencies below.

Committee Members:

  • Chair, Captain Jim Oehm, KS Highway Patrol
  • Co-Chair, Secretary Adam Proffitt, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Administration
  • Chief Jeff Whitfield, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Sheriff Brandon Mitchell, Kansas Sheriffs’ Association
  • Melissa Mounts, Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Kelly O’Brien, Office of Judicial Administration
  • Brandy Scott, Kansas Association of Public Safety Communications Officials
  • Amber Norris, Kansas County and District Attorney Association
  • Krisena Silva, Kansas Association of District Court Clerks and Administrators
  • Nicole Mattox, Kansas Bureau of Investigation
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