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Personal Credit Cards (also called Business Travel Cards, or BTCs) are personal liability VISA credit cards issued by UMB Bank to employees of the State of Kansas, who travel on official State business.  The cardholder (not the State) is personally liable for charges made to a BTC.  An individual's personal credit history is reviewed as part of the BTC issuance process.  Employees charge expenses incurred during official State travel to BTCs, submit travel claim forms at the end of travel periods and receive reimbursement from the State prior to the credit card billing for the BTC becoming due. 

BTCs are not associated with the State's Procurement Card Program.  In addition, please note that BTC transactions are never uploaded from VISA to SMART.  Please refer to the State Procurement Card (P-Card) Program if your agency is in need of a State liability procurement card whose transactions are uploaded from VISA to SMART (for electronic transaction approval and payment by the cardholder's agency.)

Please submit Travel Card applications directly to Procurement and Contracts, rather than to UMB Bank.

As noted above, state employees have personal liability for charges made to personal credit cards and are also responsible for making payments directly to UMB Bank.  Please be aware that personal credit card transactions are not uploaded from VISA to SMART.

If your agency would prefer a state liability travel card, please refer to the Procurement Card (P-Card) Program. 

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