Kansas Department of Administration

Building History

Robert B. Docking State Office Building originally named the "Kansas State Office Building" is located at 915 SW Harrison St in Topeka, KS. It was built in 1954-1957 and renovated over the years. See the timeline below for more information and photos. 


1945 - 1954

Designed by state architect John A. Brown as the1st public building in Kansas constructed in the Modern Movement style

Originally named the "Kansas State Office Building"


Construction commences

Governor Edward Arn declares the new building reflects “our great state’s growth and progress”

DSOB original construction, black and white steel frame


Construction completed for an estimated $9 million

Building opens as the Kansas State Office Building with 95% occupancy for 2,600 state employees.

Building contains 532,592 gross square feet with over 366,000 square feet of office space

DSOB finished multi-story building with old Standard Oil station in front.

DSOB north view of building, black and white, with workers crossing the street

South view of DSOB, sepia toned photo


Minor interior renovations completed

Building renamed as the Robert B. Docking Building


Department of Administration announces the building needs to be “extensively refurbished.”

Upper floors are gradually vacated


Basement & Sub-basement upgrades to the Central Utility Plant


Kansas legislature passes bill to raze the Docking Building

2019 - 2020

Feasibility study conducted for options ranging from historic rehabilitation to reconstruction.


Kansas legislature passes bill for partial demolition and reconstruction of a new 3-story structure.

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