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The Service Center’s goal is to enhance the efficiency of financial management system processing for these agencies and help attain cost savings for the State of Kansas.

The Service Center provides accounting support by processing accounting transactions on behalf of numerous non-cabinet agencies, boards, and commissions.  The Service Center employs accountants who provide accounting and financial management services for agencies.  Each accountant is assigned a group of agencies and functions as each agency’s accountant.  The accountants are knowledgeable of the agency’s operations, financial management and statutory responsibilities. 

Services include entering contracts, creating requisitions and payments, entering assets, deposits, general ledger entries, and travel and expense reimbursements. The accountants review supporting documentation and transactions in order to comply with state laws, policies, regulations and accounting procedures. They enter and review transactions and chart field accounts to determine and ensure that the accounting data is correct. They develop, prepare and analyze data in SMART to provide financial reports to executive managers of the agencies they serve. When an agency utilizes the Service Center, there is an assurance that their work is done competently and timely.  The Service Center is available to assist agency accounting departments during vacations, sick leave or gaps in employment.  This ensures that there are no delays in making their statutory required deposits or paying invoices in a timely manner.


Email: SMART.ServiceCenter@ks.gov

Phone: (785) 296-0534

Fax: (785) 296-2697 


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