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Payroll Contacts

Payroll Funding, General Ledger Data, SMART Payroll Transactions

Contact: Payroll Services, doa_payroll@ks.gov

Typical Questions:

  • SMART payroll transaction processing and fund sufficiency
  • Entering new funding groups
  • Entering/changing funding group data
  • Balancing SHARP data to SMART data
  • KPAYGL5C information
  • Journal processing questions
  • Entering new combination codes


Garnishments, Income Withholding Orders, Levies, Bankruptcies

Contacts: Payroll Services, (785) 368-6313, doa_garns@ks.gov

Typical Questions:

  • Garnishments
  • Income Withholding Orders for child support and spousal support
  • IRS Levies
  • Bankruptcies
  • Setoff Orders for payroll deductions
    • Questions regarding the reason for the setoff order should be directed to: Jessica Pope, Setoff (785) 296-4462; jessica.m.pope@ks.gov
  • Federal Student Loan garnishments


Paycheck Adjustments/Supplementals, Reprints/Reversals, Payroll Error Messages

Contact: Payroll Services, payadj@ks.gov

Typical Questions:

  • Processing current year adjustments/supplemental
  • Processing reprints/reversals
  • EFT reversals
  • Personal reimbursements
  • Arrearage payback schedules
  • Setting up/changing employee deduction and employer contribution rate
  • Payroll error messages during pre-calc period
  • Correcting data to allow payroll to process
  • Employees appearing PAY010
  • Payroll error messages following final pay confirmation and off-cycles


Payroll Policies and Procedures, Payroll Issues, SHARP System Programming Problems and Modifications (pertaining to Payroll)

Contacts: Christina Cabello, Payroll Services (785) 296-2259, christina.cabello@ks.gov

Briana Schneider, Payroll Services (785) 296-2002, briana.schneider@ks.gov

Typical Questions:

  • DOA policies and procedures related to payroll
  • General payroll issues and information regarding payroll processing
  • Federal and State payroll tax regulations information
  • Report system programming problems
  • Request programming modifications
  • Request interface capabilities


Payroll Tax Data, Employee/Employer Deduction Data, Paycheck Mailing Addresses, Year-to-Date Balances, W-2’s, Prior Year Adjustments

Contacts: Payroll Services, doa_payroll@ks.gov

Typical Questions:

  • Setting up/changing payroll tax data
  • Entering paycheck mailing addresses
  • Year-to-date balances
  • W-2’s, W-2 reprints and W-2C’s
  • 1042’s and 1042 reprints
  • Prior year adjustments
  • Calculation and use of Annual Benefits Base Rates
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Maximums
  • Regents’ payroll processing
  • Paycard program


Time and Labor, Labor Distribution, and Cost Allocation, Department Budget Tables, Combination Codes

Contact: Payroll Services, doa_payroll@ks.gov

Typical Questions:

  • Adjustments and Supplementals
  • Labor Distribution
  • Cost Allocation
  • Timesheet Funding Entries (Taskgroups/Profiles; Combo Codes)
  • Online Error Messages associated with Funding
  • Exceptions (error messages) associated with Funding
  • Integration with Payroll
  • Integration with General Ledger
  • Integration with Project Costing
  • Department Budget Tables
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