Kansas Department of Administration


Our office is located at:
Eisenhower State Office Building
700 SW Harrison Street
Topeka, KS  66603


Director, Office of Accounts and Reports

Name Role/Team Phone
Nancy Ruoff Director 785-296-2311


Statewide Consolidated Reporting, Controls & Collections

Name Role/Team Phone
Brandy Wilson Manager, Statewide Consolidated Reporting, Controls & Collections 785-291-3238
Jennifer Efird Team Lead, Internal Controls & Compliance  785-368-8165
Gina Stanley Internal Controls & Compliance 785-296-0441
Vacant Internal Controls & Compliance 785-296-2707
Setoff Lead Team Lead, Setoff/KTOP 785-296-4628
Setoff Debtor Customer Call Center 785-296-4628
  Fax 785-296-1477
Vacant KTOP Supervisor  
KTOP Debtor Contact Customer Call Center 785-296-4500
OAR-FIT@ks.gov Financial Integrity Team Shared Email  
Rachel Soden Team Lead, Financial Integrity Team 785-296-3436
Fatima Gilbert Financial Integrity Team 785-296-2127
Emily Downard Financial Integrity Team 785-296-3620
Jessica Gardner Financial Integrity Team 785-296-0728
Federal.Reporting@ks.gov Federal Reporting Team Shared Email  
Jill Martin Team Lead, Federal Reporting 785-296-2909
Gayla Carr-Schmitz Federal Reporting Team 785-296-8668


Statewide Agency Audits & Municipal Services

Name Role/Team Phone
Martin Eckhardt Manager, Statewide Agency Audits & Municipal Services 785-296-2661
Stacy Jaramillo Asst. Mgr., Statewide Agency Audits & Municipal Services, & Team Lead  Mun. Serv.  785-296-6033
Lindsay Olson Municipal Services Team 785-296-8083
Michele Mowder Administrative Officer, Municipal Services, Payroll 785-296-7043 
Barbara Walder-Hittle Team Lead, Audit Services Team 785-296-3242 
Peyton Hoffman Audit Services Team 785-296-7021
Lijun Xue Audit Services Team 785-296-2708
Vacant Audit Services Team  
Carrie Menke    Audit Services Team  785-296-2934
Vacant Audit Services Team   
Kerry Lyons Team Lead, State Revolving Fund Team 785-296-8029
Belinda Baber State Revolving Fund Accounting 785-296-0595


Statewide Payroll

Name Roll/Team Phone
Sunni Zentner Manager, Statewide Payroll & Accounting 785-296-7058
Nancy Haufler Asst. Mgr., Statewide Payroll & Accounting Processing 785-296-5368 
Sarah Tongier Asst. Mgr., Statewide Payroll & Accounting Systems 785-291-0556
Christina Cabello Team Lead, SHARP Systems 785-296-3072
Lupe Ramos SHARP Systems Team 785-296-3887
Natalie Smith SHARP Systems Team 785-296-5376
Vacant SHARP Systems Team  
Heather DeBusk Team Lead, SHARP Processing 785-296-2434
Briana Schneider SHARP Processing Team  785-296-2002
Joyce Dickerson SHARP Processing Team 785-296-3979
Jennifer Holthaus SHARP Processing Team 785-368-6313
Carmen Pearson SHARP Processing Team 785-296-7059


Statewide Accounting

Name Role/Team Phone
Sunni Zentner Manager, Statewide Payroll & Accounting 785-296-7058
Nancy Haufler Asst. Mgr., Statewide Payroll & Accounting Processing 785-296-5368
Sarah Tongier Asst. Mgr., Statewide Payroll & Accounting Systems 785-296-0556
Amanda Fowler Team Lead, Central Responsibilities 785-296-7458
Dawn Johnson Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-3705
Shelly Ballard Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-6912
Ashton Martin Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-2133
Elke Warkentine Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-3404
Theresa Gonzales Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-2131
Shannon Taylor Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-4886
Amber Dominguez Central Responsibilities Team 785-296-2290
Lisa Becker Team Lead, SMART Processing 785-296-1079
Courtnie Garrett SMART Processing 785-296-4799
Michelle Dittman SMART Processing 785-296-8023
Annette Moody SMART Processing 785-296-4788
Vickie Hemmen SMART Processing 785-296-3124
Shelly Myers SMART Processing 785-296-8173
Shelley Harvey Team Lead, SMART Systems 785-296-2620
Brian Pinick SMART Systems 785-368-8128
Shana Godby SMART Systems 785-296-7291
Michael King SMART Systems  785-296-6160
Lisa Donald SMART Systems 785-296-3699 
JoAnn Remp SMART Systems 785-291-3687
Candice Heth SMART Systems 785-296-7917
Jennifer Elliott (GO), Grant Management Solution & Compliance Specialist 785-296-6260
Dean Vellenga Recovery Office 785-296-8320


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