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Frank Burnam

Deputy Secretary of Operations & Director of Facilities and Property Management

The Deputy Secretary of Facilities oversees the Office of Facilities and Property Management, Office of Printing and Mailing and Surplus Property, the Division of State Employee Health Benefits, and the Office of Financial Management.

The Office of Facilities and Property Management centrally administers state-owned and leased facilities and protects the state’s interest in all state facilities planning, design and construction activities. The office provides Engineering services, Maintenance, Building services (housekeeping), Design and Construction services, Asset Management, and Leasing Services. The office also provides printing and central mail services, administers parking and manages the State Surplus Property Program.

About the Directors

Sherita Clifton

Director of Printing and Mailing and Surplus Property

The Office of Printing provides large volume printing and mailing services for offices of the State of Kansas. 

The Surplus Property division manages excess state and federal property for re-use and distribution to qualifying state agencies and in some situations, to members of the general public. There are 4 main programs offered within Surplus Property: State Surplus, Federal Surplus, LESO /1033, and Fixed Price Vehicle Sales (FPVS).

Jennifer Flory

Director of State Employee Health Benefits Program

The State Employee Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) is a division of the Kansas Department of Administration. Within this division are two separate sections to serve state employees: the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) and the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF), also known as worker's compensation.

Tamara Emery

Director of Financial Management

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) serves as the central budgeting office, provides accounting services for all offices in the Department of Administration and operates a service center that provides accounting and financial management services for agencies. The office also administers the security of the SMART system for Agency processors, pays the Debt Service for the State, manages the State Equipment Lease Program, and compiles data for Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP).

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