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Welcome to the DocuSign Center of Excellence for the Kansas Department of Administration. This website will help you get started using DocuSign to modernize your signature collection and form processing workflows.

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Working in DocuSign

Getting Started

For information on how to set up an account in DocuSign and how to start using it to send out documents.

Getting Started


For training materials and access to DocuSign's Campus Pass - find on-demand and scheduled workshops here.



Additional information for using DocuSign including information for admins and developers.


For Administrators

Resources and links for those administrating the DocuSign system.

For Administrators

Information about DocuSign

Success Stories

Success Story 1

The California Natural Resources Agency achieved a 75% reduction in hard paper costs with DocuSign.

Success Story 2

The City of Memphis is speeding up the procurement cycle by 9X with 17 divisions city-wide using DocuSign.

Success Story 3

The Louisville Metro Government accelerated the grant application process by 6X and realized a 40% savings in paper with DocuSign.

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