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Bulletin 95-02 - Official Time and Leave Document

1.0 - SUBJECT: Official Time and Leave Document

2.0 - EFFECTIVE DATE: December 17, 1995

3.0 - DISTRIBUTION: Agency Human Resource Managers

4.0 - FROM: William B. McGlasson, Director DATE: 11/14/95

5.0 - PURPOSE: To clarify that the official SHARP time and leave document should be used by all agencies for non-exempt employees unless an alternate time and leave document is approved by DPS.

6.0 - BACKGROUND: Because the State of Kansas is one employer under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a standard time and leave document will ensure compliance with the FLSA. While there were no uniform, statewide time and leave recording procedures in KIPPS, SHARP provides an official document that meets FLSA requirements.


7.1  All state agencies must use the official State of Kansas Time and Leave Document or, when necessary and approved by DPS, an alternate time and leave document for FLSA non-exempt employees.

7.2  The official State of Kansas Time and Leave Document includes:

  • Department number;
  • Employee ID number;
  • Record number;
  • Pay end date;
  • Name of employee;
  • FLSA status of the position;
  • FTE of the position;
  • Position number;
  • Funding group;
  • Earning code;
  • Amount of time or leave reported by day;
  • Employee's signature; and
  • Agency signature.

7.3  If agencies have a special need which requires an alternative time and leave document, they may develop an agency specific document as long as it includes all the items specified in 7.2 of this bulletin. DPS must approve any alternative time and leave document prior to its use. Agencies must send a sample document to their human resource consultant with a request for approval. If agencies prefer to administer the time and leave document electronically, the on-line document's prints and codes must also be approved by DPS as mentioned above.

7.4  Agencies must retain signed time documents for 5 years. However, an employee's log on or password will suffice as a substitute for a written signature for agencies who administer the time and leave document electronically.

7.5  Agencies who wish to be interface users for time and leave must have approval from the Department of Administration. DPS will coordinate the review as described in 7.3 of this bulletin.

8.0 - REFERENCES: Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 C.F.R. § 791.2 (a) and (b).

9.0 - CONTACT PERSON: Connie Guerrero at connie.guerrero@ks.gov or (785) 296-0754.

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