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Bulletin 03-01 - Recruitment Periods for Posting State Job Vacancies

1.0 - SUBJECT: Recruitment periods for posting state job vacancies

2.0 - EFFECTIVE DATE: June 18, 2003

3.0 - DISTRIBUTION: Agency Human Resource Managers

4.0 - FROM: Jack E. Rickerson, Director DATE: June 18, 2003

5.0 - PURPOSE:

To clarify the length of time job requisitions must be posted in the state Notice of Vacancies to allow for fair opportunity for interested persons and quality outcomes for agencies.


Minimum recruitment periods for state job vacancies were developed to facilitate recruitment periods which enable fair and equitable treatment to current state employees, persons in the reemployment poolpersons eligible for a Kansas Employee Preference, persons eligible for reinstatement, the general public, and provide sufficient advertising opportunity to attract quality applicants.

There have been numerous inquiries about the minimum and maximum length of time that state jobs vacancies must be advertised in the state Notice of Vacancies listing. Although state regulations do not specifically define minimum or maximum recruitment time frames, K.A.R. 1-6-2(b)(3) requires that the Director of Personnel Services establish guidelines regarding the length of time agencies are required to accept applicants for job vacancies. These guidelines have previously been communicated to agencies via training sessions and the SHARP training manuals.


The length of time for a job vacancy being posted on the Notice of Vacancy report should be determined by the agencies' recruitment needs for that particular position. At a minimum, all job requisitions must remain open for at least seven calendar days for any Notice of Vacancy job posting. Agencies have the discretion to post the requisition for as long as they would like, up to and including, leaving the requisition open until filled for positions with the most challenging recruitment needs.

Bulletin No. 99-02 is hereby revoked.

8.0 - REFERENCES: K.A.R. 1-6-2

9.0 - CONTACT PERSON: Vicki Harding at vicki.harding@ks.gov or (785)368-6496.

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