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Contractor Pre-Qualification - Contractor Evaluations

Questions on the evaluation can be scored using 1 to 4, in half point increments, with 4 being the best. Each question on the evaluation is ranked by priority. Each priority is associated with a multiplier that is applied to the score given for each individual question. The resultant numbers for all questions that have been answered are added together and divided by the number of questions answered. The resultant number is the average score for the evaluation. The minimum score for approval is 2.82, the highest score possible after the multipliers are applied is 5.65.


Any or all of the following persons evaluate contractors at the end of each construction project: architect/engineer, agency representative, OFPM project manager and OFPM inspectors. Only those persons having direct knowledge of the work shall complete these evaluations. Click the link for a copy of the Contractor Evaluation Form used by the Office of Facilities and Procurement Management.

The scores of all evaluations are averaged to arrive at the overall score, which determines the pre-qualification status.


Each time an evaluation is received for a contractor, a copy is sent to the contractor. If the contractor wishes to respond to the evaluation or any comment on the evaluation, he may. However, scores to evaluations will not be changed by OFPM.

Contractors may request a meeting to discuss his evaluation(s) and/or overall pre-qualification status. For more information, please visit our Protest Policy page.


Pre-qualified – contractor is pre-qualified to bid on any project published by DCC. The contractor’s evaluation forms on file with DCC have an average score of 2.82 or above.


Probation – contractor may only complete one project while on probation. (Contractor has received evaluations that when evaluated drop him below the minimum level of competency)


Debarment – contractor is ineligible to bid on state projects due to previous performance. (Has been on probation on two consecutive projects)

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