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Probation & Debarment

Contractor Pre-qualification - Probation and Debarment

  1.  2.82 is the minimum competence level for a contractor to qualify. If all 17 questions are answered with a 2.0 (C), the average score is equal to 2.82.
  2. To remain pre-qualified, contractor’s evaluation forms on file with DCC must have an average score of 2.82 or above. Contractors may request a meeting to discuss his evaluation(s) and/or overall pre-qualification status. For more information, please visit our Protest Policy page.
  3. During probation, the contractor may bid on state projects, but will only be awarded one project. The contractor must complete that project and DCC must receive evaluations for that project. These evaluations are scored and averaged separate from any other evaluations in the contractor's file.
  4. If the contractor’s average evaluation score for that project is above 2.82, he will be taken off of probation and is again pre-qualified to bid on State of Kansas work without restrictions.
  5. If a contractor’s average score for that project is below 2.82 points, the contractor will be disqualified from bidding on state work for a period of 6 months. After the 6-month period is completed, the contractor is again on probation for a second time and will follow the requirements noted above.
  6. If a contractor's average score for the second probation project is below the average, he is then disqualified and will be placed in debarment status for a period of 3 years.
  7. At the end of that three-year debarment, the contractor must re-submit his Contractor Pre-qualification Application (DCC Form 840) and provide references as requested. If approved, he will be placed on probationary status. Steps 3-6 above will be applicable.
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