Kansas Department of Administration


The services provided to the Department of Administration by the Office of Chief Counsel include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Advise the Secretary of Administration, the Office of Personnel Services and Office Directors on personnel matters and labor relations issues.

  • Provide legal assistance to the Office Financial Management, the Office of Systems Management, and the Office of Accounts & Reports regarding accounts receivable set-off programs, payroll matters, and reimbursement issues.

  • Advise the Office of Facilities and Procurement Management regarding real estate, construction, and property management issues.

  • Advise procurement negotiation committees on procurement, negotiation, and contracting issues.

  • Review contracts and real estate leases for the procurement or rental of various goods and services used on behalf of the State of Kansas.

  • Provide assistance to the State Finance Council, and the Health Care Commission.

  • Assist in drafting legislative bills for the Department, including statutory amendments and new statutory authorization.

  • Assist Department personnel in reviewing and interpreting Constitutional law, statutory authority, and judicial rulings.

  • Assist Department personnel in developing and drafting policies and procedures for the benefit of the Department as well as the State of Kansas.

  • Represent the Department in litigation or other legal disputes in which the Department is a party.

  • Provide Continuing Legal Education seminars to State of Kansas attorneys twice each year.

  • Review and approve Kansas Administrative Regulations pursuant to K.S.A. 77-420. For more information, please consult Policy and Procedure Manual for the Filing of Kansas Administrative Regulations (Revised May 2022). For additional regulations information please contact the Regulations Editor.

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