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Kansas Division of Printing Feature in Influential Printing Publication

April 14, 2022

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April 14, 2022
Cassie Nichols

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly is recognizing The Department of Administration Division of Printing for recently being featured in "In-Plant Impressions Magazine," a trade publication for large volume printers, for their recent upgrades to the state’s printing facility. The link to the article can be found here.

In-Plant Impressions prides itself on being the only graphic arts magazine in the world written specifically for in-plants. 

"The Division of Printing has truly modernized the way they get things done and it's a very unique process," Governor Laura Kelly said. "The changes they have made recently are improving the overall efficiency of the plant which allows Kansans to get the print items they need quicker than before."

The Division of Printing is responsible for printing all official state documents including tax forms, legislative bills, license renewal forms, but also handicap accessibility placards, information booklets, and marketing materials. All state agencies may use the print plant for official business.

The State of Kansas Printing Plant has been in continuous operation since the 1920’s, and some of the equipment has remained in use since then. Antique printing equipment is inefficient and requires specialized training to operate.

“As a long time employee of the print plant, I have seen how printing technology has evolved over the years,” said Cheryl Buxton, Director of the Division of Printing. “If Kansans have used official forms from the state, they were printed at the state’s print plant. These investments have allowed us to serve Kansans more effectively and efficiently.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the print plant faced staffing challenges, as well as a dramatic increase in customer demand. In 2020, Department of Administration Secretary DeAngela Burns-Wallace and Division of Printing Director Cheryl Buxton began investing in a number of upgrades to bring modern, efficient printing technology to the print plant.

“These upgrades to the print plant are long overdue, and I’m proud of Cheryl and her team for having the vision to implement these upgrades,” said Secretary Burns-Wallace. “The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge on all of us, but the men and women of the Division of Printing innovated and delivered.”

With the addition of a modern digital inkjet printer in December, print plant staff no longer needed extensive training to operate the equipment, which alleviated some of the staffing pressures the print plant was facing. Other additions include a new cutter that increased production by 75%, a new binder that increased book binding from 200 books per hour to 900 books per hour, and a new envelope converter that doubled envelope production.

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