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16-A-007 Attachments in SMART (October 12, 2015) (Supersedes 16-A-005)

Informational Circular No. 16-A-007 Supersedes:  16-A-005
Date of this Informational Circular: October 12, 2015  
Contact Name:
  1. Ginnie Schirmer
  2. Shelley Harvey
  3. Brad Elkins
  4. Brandy Wilson
  5. Chuck Wilson
  6. Janette Martin
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  2. (785) 296-2707
  3. (785) 296-3356
  4. (785) 296-6260
  5. (785) 296-6033
  6. (785) 296-2708
  1. ginnie.schirmer@da.ks.gov
  2. shelley.harvey@da.ks.gov
  3. brad.elkins@da.ks.gov
  4. brandy.wilson@da.ks.gov
  5. chuck.wilson@da.ks.gov
  6. janette.martin@da.ks.gov
 APPROVAL:  DeAnn Hill
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Requirements for attachments in SMART for payments and reimbursements effective with the SMART 9.2 upgrade


Informational Circular (IC) 16-A-005 was issued on October 9, 2015 to address attachments in SMART.  Based on agency feedback and further review, IC 16-A-007 has been issued to supersede IC 16-A-005.

Effective November 13, 2015, the following information will be required for payments and reimbursements in the SMART system over the agency’s delegated audit authority.  Although not required, best practice is for agencies to also follow the guidelines provided below for payments under the agency’s delegated audit authority.

The Agency Audit Services team will no longer accept emailed or paper copies of invoices or other support documents.

For Accounts Payable (AP) vouchers:

  • Invoices for payments are to be attached in SMART to the AP voucher for instances when:
    • The invoice provides useful information that corresponds with the purchasing authority and notating this information in the payment notes or comments fields exceeds the limitation in those fields.  For example, utility payments will require attached invoices unless the specific service date range is entered on the voucher in SMART.
    • The invoice provides information that is not available in SMART or on the Department of Administration website.

Exception: Note that Agency Audit Services does not require support documents for grant payments, refunds, or P-Card payments to be attached in SMART to the payments.  The payment support documents should continue to be maintained at the agency in a file storage method other than SMART.

  • Prior Authorization (PA) forms that require hand-written approval by the Office of Procurement and Contracts, such as revised PA’s, must be attached in SMART to the Purchase Order (PO).  All other PA’s must follow the Office of Procurement and Contract’s policies for attachment in SMART (see Procurement Informational Circular 11-03).
  • All copies of contracts or amendments are to be entered in SMART Supplier Contracts and should not be attached in SMART to the PO or the AP voucher.  If an amendment needs to be added to the contract after the contract has been created in SMART Supplier Contracts, agencies should contact the Office of Procurement and Contracts for assistance.

For Travel and Expense (T&E) reports:

  • Documents supporting travel and expense reimbursements are to be attached in SMART to the T&E report. These documents include:
    • Prior authorization for travel not captured by a SMART Travel Authorization.
    • Required receipts which support T&E reimbursements.
    • Conference rate verification.
    • Information that is not available in SMART.

Information regarding attachments in SMART:

  • The recommended size limit for a file being attached is 1 MB.
  • Agencies should not attach CAD (Computer Aided Design) files or picture files (examples- .jpg, .tif, .png, or .gif).
  • Excel, Word, PDF, or similar files, are appropriate.
  • Multiple attachments are allowed.
  • For vouchers that are interfaced, the agency must attach support documents after the voucher has been created in SMART.
  • Avoid attaching documents that do not add value to the transaction.
  • System retention for attachment files is expected to be 3 years.  This period may be reduced if storage space becomes an issue.
  • Agencies should not rely on SMART as the method for meeting record retention policies.


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