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CoreFTP is a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) software that is installed on individual computers by agency IT staff or OITS and used to download or upload files (ie. reports and data files) from a server. It is licensed on an agency by agency basis.

Accounts & Access

  • Who can access: Employees, Contract Employees & Consultants

  • Software Installation? Agencies license CoreFTP individually, check with your agency IT office or OITS (if they provide IT services to your agency) about acquiring this software.

  • SFTP Account Access: Accounts for access to servers are managed by OITS Professional Services. Submit a FTP Account Request form (!forms only available when on state network) on a ticket or Email EBITs

  • Password Problems? Contact EBIT Service Desk, available 24/7, by calling (785) 296-4999 or 1-833-765-2001

Support & Training

Technical Issues

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