State Surplus Property

The State Surplus Property program brings in property that is no longer needed by state agencies in Shawnee County and makes it available to our customers. Our staff schedules pick-ups and arranges to bring new property into our warehouse daily, so make sure to check back often and see if we have something that will fit your needs.


Effective June 14, 2021, at 8:30 a.m., the State Surplus Property warehouse will be open to agencies and their designated contact personnel only.  The change in policy for purchasing surplus property is a result of updated guidance from the CDC.

The State Surplus Property Office will continue to make appointments if preferred but will no longer be required for agencies.

For questions or to make an appointment
Please contact Mike Dorr (785) 296-2334 or Bill Lorson (785) 368-7474



State Surplus is auctioning items on for the Public to purchase. 
To find our items click on the URL link below:



State Surplus Property Contact Information

Main Office Contact Information
Mike Dorr
Surplus Property Agent
Phone: 785-296-2334
Fax: 785-296-7427

Email: Mike Dorr
Email: State Surplus Office

Bill Lorson
Surplus Property Agent
Phone: 785-368-7474
Email: Bill Lorson

Surplus Property Agent
Phone: 785-296-8958