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PA Types

  • CHE PAR Conference/Hotel Event

  • PSP PAR – Professional Service Sunshine Act

Advertising and Public Relations

Aerial Photography Services

Air Charter Service


  • Master Consulting Services

Employment Services (All HR)

  • Temporary Staffing / Human Resources / Labor Relations, /Recruiting and related Services

Environmental Equipment, Supplies and Services

  • Anti-Pollution Apparatus (Air and Water Quality) Environmental Management and Consulting,
  • Environmental Remediation Projects
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal / Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal / Meteorological Instruments

Financial Services

  • Auditing / Accounting / Finance / Banking Services Business Procurement Card 
  • Business Travel Cards Collections Services / Credit Card Acceptance Programs 
  • Debit Card Deposit Programs / Flexible Spending Account Administration 
  • Indirect Cost Allocation Plans

Food Services and Products

  • Dietitian Services / Food Services / Inmate Commissary Services
  • Groceries and Food Items for Human Consumption (including Dairy Supplies)

Gas/Fuel Cards


  • Actuarial Services
  • Burial Services / Pastoral Services
  • Catering (Typically related to Conference/Hotel Events)
  • Social Services (Foster Care and Adoption Services)

Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Blood Products and Equipment Dental Equipment and Supplies
  • Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies 
  • Durable Medical Equipment Optometry Equipment and Supplies
  • Hearing Aids
  • Radiation (X-ray) Monitoring Devices and Supplies

Health Care

  • Aging Services / Autism Assessments
  • Behavioral Health / Crisis Response / Family Functional Therapy
  • Drug Testing Services / Pharmacy Services
  • Employee Assistance Programs / Wellness Programs / Employee Health Benefits Plans (SEHBP)
  • Health Risk Appraisals / Healthcare Services / Managed Care
  • Medicaid (KanCare) / Medical Review Services
  • Physical Therapy Services / Occupational Therapy Services / Rehabilitation Services Psychiatric Care / Sexual Offender Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment / Problem Gambling Treatment

Laboratory Chemicals, Diagnostics, Equipment, Testing and Supplies

  • Balances (Laboratory) / Electronic Lab Equipment and Supplies
  • Laboratory Equipment Maintenance
  • Microscopes and Microscope Repair Service Sterilizers and Maintenance
  • Toxicology / DNA Testing

Legal Services

  • Contract Attorneys / Court Reporters / Hearing Officers
  • Investigative Services and Reporting
  • Professional Service Sunshine Act – K.S.A. 75-37,130 to 135 (includes Expert Witnesses)
  • Receiverships (for nursing homes)
  • Service of Process

Lottery Services

  • Marketing/Advertising Services

Personal Care Items and Services

  • Barber and Beauty Equipment, Supplies, Services

Pharmaceuticals (MMCAP, Family Planning, Veterinary, Diabetes, Vaccines)

Pharmacy Equipment and Supplies

  • Records Storage and Document Destruction Services

Promotional Materials

  • Advertising Specialties
  • Promotional Trophies and Awards
  • T-Shirts and other Promotional Clothing

Refuse/Waste Collection Service

Security Guard Services & Armored Transport

Services / Scanning Services / Recycling Services

Services - General

  • Conference (Attendee) Fees
  • Educational, Training and Testing Services
  • Memberships and Related Fees
  • Press Clipping and News Clipping Analysis

Service Contracts:

  • Auctioneering
  • Courier Service / Express Mail Service / Logistics
  • Moving Services
  • Research and Survey
  • Special and General Administrative
  • Telemarketing

Services – Facility Related

  • Carpet Cleaning Services / Window Washing Services
  • Janitorial / Custodial / General Office and Building Cleaning Services
  • Rest Area / Fishing Lake Maintenance

State Use Vendors

Translation & Interpretation Services

Travel and Related Services

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