Kansas Department of Administration

Contract 49162 - Galls, LLC

Vendor Contact:  Sam Jiunta

Vendor Email:  jiunta-sam@galls.com

Vendor Phone:  800-477-7766

Items Offered:  Hand Sanitizer/Wipes/Surface Disinfectant/Reusable Daily Face Cover, Masks or Face Shields/Sneeze Guards, Partitions or Polycarbonate/Surgical Masks or Procedural Masks/Gowns/Nitrile Gloves/Reusable Gloves/Thermometers i.e., Oral Digital, Wearable Digital

Minimum Order:  1000 units of KN95 masks, no minimum on all other items

Discounts: 10% discount to the State of Kansas on PPE Items & Other Related Supplies

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