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Contract 49118 - Saab Barracuda, LLC

Vendor Contact:  Cindy Coleman and Catina Holland

Vendor Email:  cindy.coleman@saabinc.com or tina.holland@saabinc.com

Vendor Phone:  910-814-3018 or 910-814-3093

Preferred Ordering:  PO via Email



Items Offered:  Face Shields/Gowns

Minimum Face Shields:  250 Quantity Minimum (Includes Box 250 PET Shields & Box 250 Self-Adhesive Foam Strips)

Minimum LDPE Gowns: 200 (Quantity in one box)

Additional Information:  FDA Registered/ Plan to continue producing post Pandemic to keep manufacturing and availability in the US.

Saab Barracuda Product Information

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