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SHARP Forms0

0Online Form Instructions:  Please follow these instructions to fill out your form online.   For paper forms, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  1. Select the link for the appropriate form listed below

  2. Fill out the necessary fields

  3. Print the page from your browser (or wait and print the confirmation page)

  4. Press the submit button

  5. Your request will be submitted via email to OPS where it will be process in the normal manner

  6. You will see a confirmation page listing the data fields you have entered.

  7. Print the confirmation page from your browser

  8. Please read the notes at the bottom of this page about supporting documentation

  9. If you have questions about SHARP requests, please contact your Human Resource Consultant.

Online Forms

Fill out the entire Online Employee Data Sheet or choose just a portion of it

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Do not send your employee's Social Security Numbers to DPS via the internet.  If a data change involves a Social Security Number, please call your OPS Human Resource Consultant.

Supporting documentation, such as the Employee Review front cover for End of Probation, will still need to be faxed to your Human Resource Consultant.  There will be a comments field for documenting any calculations such as Leave Adjustments.

Paper Forms

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