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How can I be Successful in a State Job Search?

Completing an application and submitting it is not a guarantee for success in being hired. The application and/or resume play an important role in the job search process. The purpose of an application or resume is to communicate your qualifications to hiring managers who, in turn, invite you to job interviews. It is very important in the job interview that you are able to communicate what skills you acquired in the military that are transferable to the job for which you are interviewing. Unfortunately, few people can identify and talk about their skills even though they possess numerous skills which they use on a regular basis. This becomes a real problem when you must go to a job interview. Since the hiring managers want to know about your specific abilities and skills, you must learn to both identify and communicate your skills to them. Will that be enough? It depends. If the position for which you are being interviewed requires specific preferred or essential skills that you do not possess, then the answer is no. If, however, no preferred or essential skills are required and the hiring manager thinks that you can be trained, then the answer may be yes. If you do not get the job, statistics show that the most successful job seekers are those who develop a high degree of self-reliance, maintain a positive self-image, and are willing to risk rejection a few times without becoming discouraged.

If you need assistance, we recommend taking advantage of the many high quality services that the State of Kansas’ Workforce Centers provide to veterans. The Workforce Centers have specially-trained staff to ensure veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces receive maximum employment and training opportunities. Services can include counseling, interview and resume writing workshops and job development with potential employers. To make an appointment with a Veterans Employment Representative or a Disabled Veterans Outreach Specialist, contact your local or nearest Workforce Center office. Click here for contact information of the local or nearest Workforce Center Office.

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