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Analyze Work-Related Values

What to Know

Your work-related values influence how you feel about your job. You need to know your values as you begin to look for a job. To be satisfied with your work, you should choose a job that matches your work values as closely as possible.

What to Do

Following is a list of work values for you to consider as you begin your job search. Rate each item on a scale of not important to very important. Review your list to see which items you feel most strongly about. Pay close attention to the list as you set your goals. Your values relate directly to the working conditions in each company or occupation you research.

Competency Rating

1 = Not important, 2 = Somewhat important, 3 = Moderately important, 4 = Very important

Work Value





Being Around Interesting People










Blending of Family and Career





Clear Expectations





Clear Rules










Cultural Diversity in the Workplace





Flexible Work Schedule





Freedom from Pressure/Stress










Involvement in Decision-Making





Leisure Time





Mental Challenge





Power and Influence





Public Contact





Quality of Product










Regular 40-hour Work Week















Status and Prestige





Travel Opportunities





Variety and Change in Work





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