Kansas Department of Administration

Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision: “A safer Kansas through effective criminal justice information sharing.”

Mission: “We are a criminal justice information-sharing environment that provides professionals with access to information they need when they need it.”

Goals: 1) Partnership Engagement; 2) Information Sharing; 3) Information and System Security; 4) Standards-Based Systems; 5) Information Technology Advancements

The KCJIS integrated system provides daily operating information used by criminal justice, public officials and policymakers in Kansas and elsewhere. There are many separate information repositories, affiliated systems and a variety of agencies that collectively comprise KCJIS. Some information systems are fully integrated into KCJIS and others have yet to be integrated. All users and contributing agencies are critical to the success of KCJIS as they provide information to and use information from the system. KCJIS depends upon the collection of and access to timely, accurate, complete and consistent information.

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