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Needed Renovations – At times office space renovations become necessary. When this occurs the OFPM will handle the needed renovations. The requesting agency must submit a Request for Service through its facility coordinator or facility contact person to the OFPM's Operation Manager. The requesting agency is responsible for funding the renovation project. Click the following link for a Request for Service form.

Special Requests – A Request for Service form must be completed and sent to the OFPM.  In order to meet a tenant's needs expeditiously, sufficient lead time must be given. This will alleviate unnecessary program delays and minimize inconvenience to tenants.

Planning – Approval from the OFPM is necessary to begin renovations. OFPM will assist an agency with arranging for work to be done. Funding is required prior to the commencement of the job.

Restrictions – Agency personnel are specifically prohibited from performing construction or maintenance to OFPM managed buildings.

Additional Electrical Outlets – Click the following link for a Request for Service form if additional electrical outlets are needed. This Request for Service form should be approved by the agency’s facilities coordinator before being submitted to the OFPM's Management.  Extension cords are fire and tripping hazards and are not to be used unless specifically approved by OFPM or for Christmas tree lights or decorations

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