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HVAC Systems

Temperature Control – Unless authorized by OFPM, employees shall not adjust or make modifications to thermostats, diffusers, dampers or any other part of the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Systems (HVAC systems).

What can you do?

Close blinds to keep the heat out during the summer months and the cold out during winter months.

Open blinds during the winter months to let the sun shine through the window to warm the interior space.

Close doors during non-working hours in winter months to keep cold drafts from migrating through the space.

Close doors during non-working hours to keep the warm areas from warming up the cooled spaces.

Keep windows closed at all times.

Make sure heating and cooling vents are not blocked.

The goal is to maintain an office temperature of 68° F or above in heating seasons and 78° or below in cooling seasons. Please dress accordingly.

Office comfort

If the temperature of your office is outside of the perimeters mentioned above, please notify your facility coordinator. The coordinator shall call the OFPM Customer Center at 785-296-3144, to report the trouble.

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