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Cleaning Restrictions – Housekeeping staff are instructed not to touch any papers, files or records that are lying on desks, file cabinets or bookcases. Employees may make special arrangements to have Housekeeping clean the shelves, but all items must be removed by the employee before the Housekeeping staff arrives.

Unnecessary items stored on the floor will hinder housekeeping staff cleaning activities. Trashcans are not to be used as moving containers. Items shall not be stored on trashcans, which can be mistaken for trash and discarded.

Supplies – Paper towels, toilet tissue, and other janitorial supplies shall not be removed from restrooms or supply closets. Paper towels and toilet tissue will only be supplied for the appropriate dispensers. Trash liners are only provided for general office trash containers.

Boxes - Agencies are responsible for breaking down and placing their own boxes in the building cardboard recycle bin, if available at the building, or the trash compactor.

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