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Coffee and iced tea makers – Coffee and iced tea makers must be unplugged when not in use. Coffee makers or other appliances will not be used in any individual work area.

Extension cords – Extension cords are fire hazards and tripping hazards and may only be used temporarily after specific approval is given by OFPM.  Contact OFPM Customer Service Center at 785-296-3144 or submit a Request for Service form for approval.

Power strips with circuit breakers are the only type of adapter allowed and will be provided by OFPM and charged to each agency.  Under no circumstances, shall one power strip be plugged into another power strip.

Electrically Heated scent devices and burning candles – Heated potpourri pots, scented electric plug-in and burning candles are potential fire hazards and are prohibited in all buildings.

Individual fans and portable electrical heaters – Small personal fans (8” or smaller) are permissible in individual work areas. Portable electrical heaters and electric blankets are not permitted.

Microwave ovens – Microwave ovens may be used if situated in an established food preparation area. Non-UL labeled equipment is prohibited in all buildings.

Refrigerators – Only frost-free refrigerators are allowed in break areas only or in other areas if approved by the building manager.  Operational automatic icemakers in refrigerators are not allowed.

Toasters, toaster ovens, and hot plates – Toasters, toaster ovens, and hot plates are not permitted.

Appliances - It is the responsibility of each agency to clean, service, and repair appliances within their work areas.

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