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Capital Asset Reporting

The deadline for capital asset reporting is the first business day in August.  Timely submission of this information is necessary so that the Office of Accounts and Reports can meet critical deadlines related to preparation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).

Capital asset instructions are included in Policy Manual Filing Number 13,001.  Click here for the Policy Manual.

Form DA-82, Capital Asset Supplemental Information, must be submitted annually by all state agencies.  The form provides for agency certification that a physical inventory of capital assets has been taken.  The form also requests 1) information regarding agency asset abandonment and impairment and 2) the agency commodity balances at June 30th.  Commodities are defined as supplies and materials, including consumable supplies, and materials or parts purchased for repair and maintenance performed by state personnel.

Form DA-82 – Capital Asset Supplemental Information is located in the Document Center found here.


Questions regarding these reporting requirements should be directed to:

Gail Barnhart (785) 296-3404 Gail.Barnhart@da.ks.gov

Fatima Gilbert (785) 296-2127 Fatima.Gilbert@da.ks.gov

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