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23-A-003 Revised Policy Manual Filings 5,002, 6,002, & 7,002 (Effective July 1, 2022)

INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO.:       23-A-003                    Supersedes: NA

DATE:                       July 1, 2022

EFFECTIVE DATE:  July 1, 2022

CONTACT:               Statewide Agency Audit Services (Audit Services) Team ARPreaudit@ks.gov

APPROVAL:            Nancy Ruoff (original signature on file)

SUMMARY:              Revised Policy Manual Filings 5,002, 6,002, & 7,002


This Informational Circular announces that the following Policy Manual (PM) filings have recently been reviewed and revised, with all changes effective July 1, 2022.  In addition to the updates detailed below, account code descriptions have been revised for clarity and account codes previously implemented by informational circular are now included in the appropriate PM listing.  Agencies are encouraged to closely review and reference the revised PMs to ensure consistency and accuracy in the account codes used for transactions.    

PM 5,002 Uniform General Ledger Transfer Classification Account Codes

  • Addition of a SMART Transfer Account Code Pairings and Usages chart with general guidance (notes) for each pairing type

PM 6,002 Uniform General Ledger Revenue Classification Account Codes

  • In order to properly record revenues in compliance with GASB Statement 87 – Leases, additional revenue account codes have been established:
    • 431800 – Capital Lease Revenue (Charges for Services)
    • 461150 – Capital Lease Gain or Loss (Other Revenues)

PM 7,002 Uniform General Ledger Expenditure Classification Account Codes

  • The descriptions of various IT-related Account Codes have been updated to remove obsolete and outdated equipment terminology
  • An additional “resale” account code account code has been added for internal contractual services.  SMART now includes resale account codes for contractual services, commodities, and capital outlay
    • 529980 – Other Contractual Services: Includes contractual services purchased for distribution or resale within the agency or to other state agencies.

The revised Policy Manuals can be obtained at the Department of Administration (DofA) website at: https://admin.ks.gov/offices/accounts-reports/state-agencies/finance/policy-manual.

Requests for assistance in determining appropriate account code usage should be emailed to: ARPreaudit@ks.gov.



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