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20-A-015 Clarification and New Off-Budget Program Code to Capture COVID-19 Transactions (May 6, 2020)

Informational Circular No. 20-A-015
Effective Date: May 6, 2020
Contact Name: Sunni Zentner

Ph: (785) 296-7058

Email: Sunni.Zentner@ks.gov

Approval: Jocelyn Gunter (Original Signature on File)
Summary: Recording COVID-19 SMART Expenditures Using New Program Codes 21662 and 97662 
As first announced to the SMART user community on March 27, 2020, a new program code was added in SMART to capture all transactions related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Informational Circular 20-A-013, published April 2, 2020, provided deadlines for adjustments and journals as well as the information regarding the use of the new code.

The Division of Budget has identified a need for the COVID-19 transactions to be separated between on-budget and off-budget program codes. Please use program code 21662 for only on-budget transactions. To capture off-budget transactions, a new program code has been added to SMART, 97662, with the description COVID 19 Off-Budget, effective February 1, 2020. This code was added only for the following agencies that normally report off-budget transactions:

Agency Name Agency Number

Attorney General


Kansas Bureau of Investigation


Department of Administration


Office of Administrative Hearings


State Fire Marshal


Fort Hays State University


Office of the Governor


Health & Environment--Health


Kansas Department of Transportation


Highway Patrol


Department of Labor


Office of Information Technology Services


Kansas State University - Main Campus


Emporia State University


Pittsburg State University


Department for Children & Families


State Treasurer


University of Kansas


Commission on Veterans Affairs


Wichita State University



If an agency was not included in the above list and has off-budget COVID-19 transactions, please log a ManageEngine Service Desk request for this program code to be added in SMART.

All COVID-19 related transactions occurring during fiscal year 2020 must be properly recorded using on-budget program code 21662 or off-budget program code 97662 by the end of the fiscal year.

  • If COVID-19 related transactions have processed during February and March using a program other than 21662 or 97662, agencies are expected as soon as possible to process adjustment transactions to update/correct the program code.
  • For COVID-19 related transactions that process during April and May with a program code other than 21662 or 97662, adjustment transactions to update/correct the program code are expected to be processed within 10 calendar days following the month in which the transactions occurred.
  • For COVID-19 related transactions that process during June with a program code other than 21662 or 97662, adjustment transactions to update/correct the program code must be processed prior to the end of the fiscal year. SMART will be closed to agency users at 6pm on Friday, June 26, 2020 for fiscal year-end processing.

Adjustment transactions should be entered in the SMART module where the transaction originated. For example, AP transactions should be updated/corrected as an AP journal voucher and deposits should be updated/corrected as deposit adjustments.

When considering what transactions should use the COVID-19 program code, the general guidance is to include transactions that would not normally have occurred if the virus outbreak had not happened.  Please refer to Informational Circular 20-A-013 for a list of examples.

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