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18-A-010 Mileage Reimbursement Limitations - Privately Owned Vehicles (May 25, 201

Informational Circular No.

Effective Date: Currently in Effect
Contact: Email:  ARpreaudit@ks.gov 
Please use "Policy Question" as subject
Approval: DeAnn Hill (Original Signature on File)
Summary:  Confirming existing policy - board member and state employee mileage reimbursement for use of privately owned vehicles.  

This Informational Circular addresses several recent agency inquiries regarding the reimbursement to board members for the cost of using privately-owned vehicles for official state business.

Under statutory provisions, board members are paid mileage under the same reimbursement policies established for state employees. As an exception, board members who are also active legislators, are reimbursed under the provisions of KSA 75-3212(d).

Per KAR 1-18-1a(d) if a mode of transportation is available and is less costly than transportation by privately-owned conveyance, mileage payments for use of a privately-owned conveyance shall be limited to the cost of that other mode of transportation.

Form DA-127 Private Mileage / Rental Comparison should be used to determine the least costly mode of transportation for in-state travel. The lesser amount of the cost comparison will be the maximum allowable reimbursement amount.

Board members and state employees are not required to use a state-owned or state-leased vehicle to conduct official business. The use of a privately-owned vehicle does not disallow reimbursement.  However, if a privately-owned vehicle is used, reimbursement is limited to the sum of fuel costs, and the cost of a compact car under the current statewide mandatory Vehicle Rental Service contract. 

Additionally, an employee that has a disability requiring the use of a privately-owned vehicle that is specially equipped, is exempt from the limitation of the cost of a compact car under the Vehicle Rental Service contract.

For additional information regarding travel reimbursements and state agency vehicle usage please reference the Travel Information for State Employees website.

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