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12-P-029 Clarification of KPERS Policy Regarding Worker’s Comp/GTL

DATE: June 4, 2012
SUBJECT: Clarification of KPERS Policy Regarding Worker’s Comp/GTL

Joyce Dickerson

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Nancy Ruoff

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Clarification of KPERS Policy Regarding Worker’s Comp/GTL and KPERS Eligibility


In the fall of 2010, KPERS issued a policy requiring a member on workers compensation to receive at least 50% of full pay to be KPERS eligible.  The policy was handed out at the Designated Agent (DA) workshops in October, 2010 and is included in the 2011 Fall DA workshop (page 65) of the KPERS website located at the following link:  http://www.kpers.org/daworkshop_statepresentation.pdf.

Per clarification from KPERS, any individual who does not receive at least 50% of their regular  bi-weekly rate of pay from a combination of regular, vacation, and sick leave and who has been off the payroll for ten days or more is no longer considered as being in a KPERS eligible position.  For employees in this situation, agencies should:

    • Stop KPERS deductions for the employee with an effective date of the first day of the first pay period after the employee has ceased to receive 50% of their regular bi-weekly rate
    • Stop GTL deductions for the employee with the same effective date as the KPERS deduction
    • Complete the KPERS-60 Employer’s Report of Disability located at http://www.kpers.org/forms/k60.pdf in order to ensure continued group-term life insurance coverage for the employee while they are on short-term disability

Please ensure all steps above are completed as agencies have been inconsistent in stopping the GTL deductions which can have an impact on an employee’s calculated amount for taxable group life insurance.

Questions regarding KPERS eligibility may be directed to KPERS at 1-888-275-5737 or in Topeka at 785-296-6166.



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