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12-a-002 - FY2012 Subsistence Rates (June 20, 2011) (Supersedes 11-A-002)

INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 12-A-002 Supersedes: 11-A-002
DATE: June 20, 2011
SUBJECT: FY 2012 Subsistence Rates
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2011

Shirley Gilchrist

Gary Bond

Ginnie Schirmer

Lance Gagelman

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FY 2012 Meal Allowance and Lodging Rates


Please see State of Kansas Travel Handbook 4100 for information on how meals are reimbursed.
As authorized by K.S.A.75-3207a, the Secretary of Administration has fixed the rates for FY 2012 at:

Meal Allowance: 

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
In-state/border city $10.25 $11.25 $21.50
Out-of-state, regular $10.25 $11.25 $21.50
Out-of-state high-cost $10.75 $12.25 $23.00
Out-of-state special designated
high-cost area
$14.25 $15.75 $30.00
International $15.25* $16.25* $31.50*

*or actual not to exceed $97 per day

Reduced Meal Allowance:

If the cost of meals is included within the cost of registration fees or other fees and charges paid by the agency or supplied without cost by another party, the meal allowance should be reduced as shown in the table above.

Same Day Meal Allowance:

The rates as established in accordance with K.A.R. 1-16-18(c)(3) are the same as indicated in the table above.

Lodging Expense Limitations:

In-state/border city $ 81.00
Out-of-state, regular $104.00
Out-of-state, designated high-cost area $151.00
Out-of-state, special designated high-cost area $166.00
International Actual
Conference lodging qualified under K.A.R. 1-16-18a(e) Actual


K.S.A. 75 3207a(f) provides that the daily lodging expense limitations established above may be exceeded by the lesser of either: (1) an additional 50% of the applicable lodging expense limitation, or (2) the actual lodging expense incurred.

These lodging limits continue to be applied to the lodging rate before taxes. Thus, the amount reimbursed or paid for lodging expenses may exceed the established lodging limitation by as much as the amount of associated taxes.


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