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11-P-024 New Organization Dues Deduction Codes ORG066 and ORF066

DATE: February 10, 2011
SUBJECT: New Organization Dues Deduction Codes ORG066 and ORF066
EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period Ending March 5, 2011
CONTACT: Janice Wolfley (785) 296-3699 Janice.Wolfley@da.ks.gov
APPROVAL: Kent E Olson

Establish New Organization Dues Deduction Codes ORG066 and ORF066 for Public Employees Association of Kansas, Inc. (PEAK)

Public Employees Association of Kansas, Inc. (PEAK) has requested that part-time employees have the ability to enroll as a member of PEAK at a dues rate that is less than the current dues rate for a full-time employee. For the purposes of this deduction, a part-time employee is an individual whose employment position has a Full-Time Equivalent rate (FTE) < 1.0.

A new organization dues deduction code (ORG066) and a corresponding fee deduction code (ORF066) will be added in SHARP, effective with the payroll period beginning February 20, 2011 and ending March 5, 2011, paid March 18, 2011 to administer membership dues deductions for participating employees who qualify for the part-time rate. Currently, organization dues must be entered into employee general deduction data in SHARP as two separate deduction codes: one organizational dues deduction code and one corresponding fee deduction code.

The bi-weekly deduction amount will be $4.55 for ORG066 and $.06 for ORF066 for total membership dues of $4.61 per bi-weekly payroll period.

As a reminder, for all non-KOSE employee organizations, agency personnel should receive enrollment/cancel cards from the organization for their employees. For employees enrolling in the Public Employees Association of Kansas, Inc, (PEAK), it is the responsibility of the employing agency to review the employee’s position FTE and assign the appropriate deduction code based on full-time or part-time employment. Agency personnel should then update SHARP and retain the cards for their files.

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for adding the new deduction codes in the SHARP system. Regent’s institutions should ensure that the addition of the listed deduction codes is reflected in their individual systems effective February 20, 2011.



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