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04-a-015 - Printing of the STARS Chart of Accounts (April 6, 2004)

DATE: April 6, 2004
SUBJECT: Printing of the STARS Chart of Accounts
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 6, 2004
A & R CONTACT: Don Beck (785) 296-7291 (don.beck@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Procedures for Printing the STARS Chart of Accounts

The STARS statewide Chart of Accounts is now accessible through the Division of Accounts and Reports WEB page. Agencies now have the capability to access and print their own Chart of Accounts any time they wish.

To access the Chart of Accounts, go to the A&R web page at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/. Under the heading 'General Accounting' click on 'Chart of Accounts'. This will bring you to a listing of the agencies. Click on your agency to display your Chart of Accounts for inquiry or printing.

In the past the Chart of Accounts was only updated and distributed to the agencies approximately 4 times per year due to the cost of printing. The Chart of Accounts will now be updated on a monthly basis, thereby giving you more current information.

If you have difficulties accessing the Chart of Accounts on the web site or have questions, please contact Don Beck.


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