Capitol Complex Events Application

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Proposed Itinerary is due with submission of application.
Detailed description of proposed event. Itinerary is needed prior to approval of event.
Areas of preference will be taken into consideration upon submission of completed application. Depending on the size of your group-there may be more than one event in a specific area. 
Equipment Required:
Equipment Required Checklist:

Diagram:  Diagram of proposed event layout/setup must be included with event application.

SH - 1st floor

SH - 2nd floor

SH - South Steps

Conditions of Approval

  • The application must relate to a governmental purpose.
  • The application must have a legislative sponsor.
  • Application must be filled out completely.
  • An itinerary is needed to be submitted prior to approval of the event.
  • Non-Governmental entities will be assessed a $20.00 processing fee.  Applications are not considered complete for processing until fee is received.


Limitations of Use

  • Activity must not result in damage to or destruction of state property.
  • No camping or overnight stays will be permitted.
  • No banners, signs, exhibits or any other materials will be taped, tacked, nailed, hung or otherwise placed in any manner within the Capitol Complex.
  • The activity must be conducted in the area designated without creating a risk to life safety, injury or illness to persons, or risk of danger to property or person, and must not impede the performance of public business to be conducted in the area.
  • The maximum occupancy for each area, as posted, will be strictly enforced.
  • No leaflets or handouts of any kind may be distributed except those that are part of an authorized exhibit or event and in the designated area of the event.
  • The Kansas Department of Administration shall not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by this reservation.  All property brought onto the premises by the applicant shall be at the risk of the applicant.
  • Intoxicating beverages or substances are not allowed on state property.
  • Drones are not authorized.