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Do all employees have bumping rights?

In accordance with K.A.R. 1-14-7 & 1-14-10 all employees who have permanent status may have bumping rights. An agency may limit bumping to a lower class in which a permanent employee previously had permanent status. An agency may allow bumping to any lower class in a class series, regardless of whether an employee has previous permanent status in those classes. An agency may limit bumping to designated geographical areas or units. Bumping options are identified in the agency's Notification of Layoff.

Additionally, permanent employees may exercise bumping rights into any position filled by an employee with probationary status anywhere within the agency, if the employee with permanent status meets the required selection criteria for the class and is eligible for transfer or demotion to the position pursuant to K.A.R. 1-6-24 and 1-6-27.

When the layoff is limited to full-time employees or less than full-time employees, any employee with permanent status may exercise bumping rights into a position filled by any employee with probationary status, only within the group of employees having the same full-time or less than full-time status.

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